Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sometimes you need to step outside of the person you've been and remember the person you were meant to be

Song of the day: Give It All Back - Noah And The Whale 

Lately I have been having some ups and downs, I got an interview from Liverpool and a few days ago now I got  a rejection from  Southampton. I guess it's weird that I feel down about getting rejected especially after what happened in August but I don't know I just feel there is a lower chance every time. Good thing now is that I know I won't hear from UEA and Liverpool until March and I have an interview to prepare for (Liverpool interview in 10days!). 

Every time someone asks me about doing something that's not medicine I really do go and research other careers that I could go for but, even though there are many other subjects in which I'm interested, it just makes me feel more sure that medicine is what I want to do. 

I'm back at work and I am currently tutoring 4 different people, which is entertaining and good for my bank account but it's keeping me way  too busy! Also, I find it impossible to even save up just because I always find things  I want to buy...

Well, that's all! Wish me luck for my interview :) 


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

You know when they say to always expect the unexpected?

Song of the day: Young Folks - The Kooks

I have not been  around much lately mainly because of revision but today has been my last resit exam and even though I am not sure if they have gone well or not I am just really glad they are over. 

During the exam period I got an email  which made me really happy, I got an interview from Liverpool! which was kind of unexpected given than Lancaster rejected me because of my personal statement. This has actually put my hopes a bit up on Southampton but I'm trying not to even think about it and I am just concentrating on the interview coming up later on this month. 

Someone did ask me which one would I choose, out of UEA and Liverpool, if I had offers from both and even though I didn't know which one  I like more, Liverpool asks for an A  for resits applicants while UEA wants an A*. 

I don't really know what is going to happen with the rest of my gap year as I have one month until results day in March, which will also be when UEA and Liverpool send out decisions. I need to get working on getting back on my routine and I think I will be back on my job this weekend and hopefully next week I can get back to my volunteering. 

Once I'm done with my antibiotics of this stupid respiratory infection I also want to go and donate blood and I was even thinking about donating plasma although I am not really sure how I feel about that since it's such a long procedure... has anyone done it? 

Also, talking about my Liverpool trip I would really like if anyone who has been there could give me some interview tips and also some suggestions of things to do and see, I've been to Liverpool once and it was mostly a shopping trip (which I would not mind repeating if I have to :P ). 

This would be my fourth medicine interview, so I think my nerves would be very calmed and I felt really confident during my UEA interview so I hope that plays to my favour! 

I guess that's all for now! 

Really hoping I did well on my resits to be honest! 

Thank you for reading and thanks to everyone who visits the blog :) 



PS. The song choice is because of the latest Gossip Girl episode, the one with the wedding!