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I am eighteen and if everything had worked out how it was planned to do, I should be reading Medicine from September in Birmingham. I applied last year for 2011 entry, I received two interviews and ended up with one offer. Birmingham offered me a place, it was conditional on AAA at A Level. I got really excited about it, travelled to Birmingham several times and continued with all my social and extra-curricular activities. I kind of forgot about something which is very important, I was not in yet, I had some grades to get! However, weeks before exam time I was really busy with driving school trying to get my license, I continue with my sports and I just didn't put enough time into revision. I felt exams were going really badly and cramming was just not doing enough. I had 13 exams and I could not cram for all of them. 

Exams results arrived in August and I was not surprised when I saw that I had not obtained the grades that I needed. I did some research and decided to resit and reapply to the few schools which accept resit applicants and that's where I am now. 

Now, I have a gap year ahead of me and hopefully many interviews to go to. I think that one of the most important things for this year is to keep myself determined and confident that I can get there, I can get an offer once again and this time get the grades that I need. 

If you need to contact me :
somedaysomewhereitwillhappen [AT ] gmail [DOT] com

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