Saturday, 31 March 2012

'It's not how it starts, but how it ends'.

Song of the day: We Are Young - Fun

We are the end of March now, so Liverpool have got back to me already. Those of you who follow me on twitter will have already read about the BIG news, if you haven't then that's okay :P I will tell youu again! 

A few days after tweeting about how you get a heart attack every time UCAS sends you an email, I got one. It was from track. I knew it was from Liverpool, but didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad one. By that time I was ready for either because I have a back-up plan sort of sorted out and it's not that, so I went for it.... I clicked on CHOICES and I saw CONDITIONAL !!!!

I am really happy about that, I have 2 med offers!! I only managed to get one last year. I guess that must mean they really think medicine is the right path for me. Also the conditions for this offer is much nicer, they want AA in Chemistry and Physics as I already have AA in Biology and Spanish. However, what was really weird and it is still not sorted is that I have to take the IELTS and get a level 7... I rang the other day to say that if I'm doing A Levels and have GCSEs I should not be required an English language test just because I do not live in the UK and my first language is not English. 

The woman on the phone really thought I had a point so she gave an email address to write to the Admission Tutor and then when a decision has been reached they will email me back. How bad is the fact I called them to complain about the conditions of my offer.... 

Any ways, now I have to choose between UEA and Liverpool and I really need to get at least AA... so please guys MAKE ME REVISE!!! 


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