Monday, 25 June 2012

'How something is going to end can never be predicted'

Song of the day: Express Yourself  - Labrinth

Last time I posted here I was starting my revision for exams and was very confident on going to Liverpool in September to read Medicine. 

However, my life continues to be unexpected, and for the look of it, I won't be going to Liverpool because I got my Spanish MedSchool Admission Test results and I can choose any medical school in the country and do Medicine there. For that reason, I've already started to sort all the paperwork out and for now I will be staying here in Spain. That is the plan unless in August I get surprised (again!) with good enough A Level results to be able to go to Liverpool, then I will have to make a tough decision. 

I was always set on going to UK and study there and had never thought about staying here and now that I have done my research I actually like the course structure and all the opportunities you have. Most courses are divided into pre clin and clin and they take 6 years without any intercalation but you can do a project for a Masters if you want during that time. This means in 6 years I could finish my degree with a master, also they are recognised by the GMC so I could apply for FY1 in UK if I wanted to :) You also get to do a 11 months erasmus exchange and also an elective (kind of) which seems very nice. 

I won't be very far from home which would mean that if I ever needed anything I could just get on the car and go home. 

I'm currently very very happy about this all because now I know I am going to medical school, it may not be the medical school I've always dreamed with but it will get me where I want to go. 

That's all for now, don't really know what else to tell you guys... exams didn't go very well and all I'm doing lately is working and sleeping! 

Take care guys!




  1. Hey dude

    Well done on doing well in the admissions test, Spain's amazing and I'm sure it's much cheaper to do medicine there than the UK anyway :P If you go the Liverpool, that's great too, but like you pointed out, you're not disadvantaged by staying in Spain, especially considering you know the language and all. Congrats again. Let us know when you make your final decision :)

    1. thank youu !! I am still waiting for my results to see where I go... Will keep you updated :)

      Hope you are well ^^