Monday, 17 December 2012

'And now, it's time to celebrate'.

Song of the day: Celebrate - MIKA

I'm finally writing again.

Hey guys, I know last time I was around I said I was moving to a new blog just because I am now a medical student!!!  but then with all the stress of medical school I didn't have time to get it all ready so for now I am staying on this one :P Guess it's better as you don't have to make the effort of going to another blog and checking it all out.

Medical School!
So I have now survived a 12 week term, which does sound like a very long one but it feels like yesterday when I was moving in to University Halls.

These 12 weeks have been stressful, interesting and most importantly fun. I have enjoyed a lot my first semester in Medical School and that's not just based on the social life :P

I think we have been given a very good insight into the course and I am more sure than ever than Medicine is what I want to go for.  As most of you will know, or remember, I am studying in Liverpool so my course is very very very PBL based. We have one hour of lecture every day, and I am very glad about this as I don't think I will be able to survive those 9-5 lectures that other medical students have to go to. PBL is something that I have found very difficult to  get used to but it slowly makes a bit more sense, basically you just have to do that 9-5 work in your own time in the library, making notes and learning the learning objective for the sessions which you cannot take notes/books to. That is a total struggle if you are in Halls and you are interrupted by everything and so you never get time to learn all that many things for PBL. Even though I am enjoying PBL, especially the food!, the best part of the course so far is Clinical Skills.

We have 2 hours a week and it's the most useful thing ever. I have learned a lot of things in the past 3 months from hand washing and taking blood to cardiovascular exam and even rectal exam (on a model, of course!).  The bad point of this is that when we get back to uni after Xmas we have an OSCE and I am a bit scared about it we are going to be examined in most of the skills we have learned and we have done a lot of things! Guess my family will have to be my patients during the holidays!!

Communication Skills in the third main part of the course and we also get an exam on this in January. At first I thought it was very challenging as we had  a patient simulated actor that was our patient and we were filmed and then we had watch back. However, we are now all used to that kind of thing and I really enjoy the session and hopefully will be helpful next year when we are  in hospital.

Basically medical school has been great so far and all we have to do is CELEBRATE that I'm finally en route to be a doctor. And for all of those who are still trying always remember to keep going, it's so worth it!

Outside of medical school, I am enjoying quiet a busy social life and I'm still looking for a job so  will hopefully get that sorted in the next semester. I have to say Liverpool is a great city for my liking and I think I can be here for the next five years... with a few trips to London and back home every so often of course :)

Looking forward to some comments!

Thank you for reading!



  1. Clinical skills is amazing right? :D Ha yeah, we have an OSCE too next month, but it's formative - but it'll be really good see what it'll be like I think.

    Glad you're settling into Liverpool well, make sure you update us on future events :)

  2. OSCE is my favourite. It is one of those exams you have fun preparing for.