Saturday, 24 September 2011

'Do whatever it takes to get to where you need to go', said Spanelsh twitter girl

Song of the day: Mi Lamento - Dani Martin

Summer is now over, even though the good weather continues which is nice. The end of September also means that everyone leaves to uni or starts schools... so most of my friends have gone to uni and I feel myself a bit lonely at times, especially when I get stressed about this whole 'messing up my exams, not getting to uni and having to resit and reapply' thing. 

At times I find myself very down because of all these things and I really need to talk to people. As my friends are very busy, and very far away, with freshers I don't really want to start worrying them just because at times I don't know what I am going to do if this time round it does not go well. Thankfully though, I have received a lot of support and constructive criticism from twitter.  My main support most of the time comes from Spanelsh  twitter girl, who is actually very good at motivating you. So I want to use this to thanks her :D 

Well, enough about others and more about me! I have just noticed that I didn't update in a long time and a lot have been happening recently. 

Exams wise, I asked for a remark which came back as the same. I paid for my resits in January, I will be resitting two chemistry and two physics exams and I also got my scripts back so that I can go over my mistakes. 

I have also (finally) decided where I want to apply. I will be applying to: Liverpool, Lancaster, Peninsula and Southampton. I really like all of them so it's not like I actually have a top choice or anything. I was a bit surprised by how nice they are as I had not even look into them when I applied last year as I knew where  I wanted to apply from the beginning last year so there was no need of research or anything. Liverpool has a really good course and from what I have been reading online it is a really nice city. The thing I really like about Lancaster is how it is such a small community, very similar to St Andrews in that aspect (where I applied last year), and I think I would really enjoy living in a place where you know everyone. Peninsula has all the things I want and the only thing I dislike is the fact that you cannot choose the location where you start the course, but I like surprises so its okay! Southampton is my only non-PBL choice, which is good as I have no experience with anything similar to PBL and I tend to be a bit scared of the unknown at times. It's location is also really nice, near London where lots of my friends are now.

Personal statement was supposed to be finished but then I kept reading it and some parts didn't feel like me, so I have now decided to go back and get changing many things so I am working on it at the moment. In  less than  a week I have the UKCAT, scary!, I need a good score for Peninsula and I have been practising lately but not as much as I should have to be honest so this weekend I will be staying in with my 600Q book. 

My job hunting with NHS Job has not been very successful so far but it's okay because I am very busy lately with the Red Cross where I am organising sex education talks for teenagers so I have to go to many meetings in the next few weeks with schools and other centres to arrange the dates and inform about the topic we will discuss.

Well , I think that is all for now. I should get my UKCAT book out and start working. 

Thanks for reading,

PS: Wish me good luck with UKCAT !

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