Sunday, 4 September 2011

19 Days Left of Summer

Song of the day: Different - LidoLido

My exams are done and I have finally catch up with all my lost sleep! All my friends are getting ready to leave to their university halls in about two weeks while I just think about what I can do to entertain myself. 

My gap year is 'officially' starting on Monday. Tomorrow, I will start to revise for the UKCAT which I have the 30th September and I plan to go to the beach and get my tan back because so much work indoor has made me look very pale. 

Tomorrow I am also going to talk to my Red Cross centre about the volunteer work to see if I can have something permanent in the evenings. My parents are going to help me arrange some work experience so I have to start contacting to people and also I have applied to some HCAs jobs all around England and I am waiting for them to contact me. 

On a non-medicine related note, I have applied for a job at my local Hollister (but I didn't include a picture because I don't have a recent one) and I am waiting for an interview as apparently they interview most people that apply for the job. I've always wanted to work in a shop, as a temporary job, and I really like Hollister so it would be nice to work there. 

To start enjoying myself during my gap year I have started the '101 things in 1001 days' challenge and I have until 2014 to complete them. 

In October I will be going off to London for a few days to visit my friends, so if anyone can suggest things to do then let me know! I am also going to the University of Manchester Open Day, even though their resit policy is now completely different to what they said after Results Day, but I have my tickets and I want to go and see it. Last year I went to the KCL Open Day and I ended up not applying there, this always happens to me! 

My university choices are still not very clear. My current options are: Liverpool, Lancaster, Peninsula, BSMS, Southampton and maybe UEA (they are reconsidering their resit policy). I  really like the first three and I will probably apply to those so I just need to decide one more choice. Personal statement is also on my 'to-do' list so I guess from Monday I will have to get working on it. 

Oh and also I think there is something wrong with me or my exam technique because since GCSEs every exam I take that I feel prepared for goes very wrong! 

Well that's all for today! 
Hope you enjoy the 19 days left of summer,


PS: Sorry, I didn't notice it was such a long post ! 

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