Friday, 26 August 2011

Haven't You Heard ?

Song of the day: Valerie - Amy Winehouse

Sometimes people ask questions that you just don't know how to answer. Other times you think if you should tell them the truth or just make some up and go along with it. It actually happens a lot to me. I think I am good at lying, which is always a good thing and you never know when it could come handy. 

These last few days I've had my ups and downs, but then who has not! Every day I woke up with a different thing to worry about. One day I didn't want to study Medicine in Spain, the next I didn't want to go to UK and the other one I just didn't want to study. I think it is because I just have too much free time. 

I over-think everything when I am bored. To stop me from doing that I have been planning a lot of meet ups with people which has left me with no money and no revision time so now I need to catch up on revision and wait until I start to tutor again. 

Academically wise, it as all been as good as I hoped. I went to my old school to talk about resits and they've said that I am welcomed to go in January and take the four exams I want to do there, which was very nice to hear. On an even more positive note, most universities which I am considering for 2012 entry have said that they are willing to accept my Spanish A Level as a third A Level which got me in a very good mood :) This means that I am applying with AAB. Right now I am thinking about Peninsula, BSMS, Liverpool, Lancaster, Manchester and Southampton and I should do some more reading about them before deciding. I also hoped to go to an Open Day in October but parents are not liking the idea much so for now it looks a bit grey.

UKCAT has also been booked and I will be doing it the last week of September. My plan is to start preparing for it 3 weeks ahead and I do hope I can make a great improvement from last year  627.5 score. Next Saturday I have my Spanish admissions tests in Chemistry and Biology and I need 2 As to meet the entry requirements of the universities that I like. To my surprise Chemistry is going much better than Biology so this weekend I will be memorising all that Biology that  I need. 

About my gap year I have to admit that I have nothing planned yet. I will be busy with exams until February so I don't want to do anything too heavy until then. From March I will like to start working as an HCA, but I think I may be hoping for too much. I have all been looking at many travelling options including the Tall Ships Races 2012. Leave me a comment if you have any suggestions of what I could though :)

Thank you for reading and follow me on twitter if you want minute to minute updates :P 


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