Sunday, 30 October 2011

'Just go on, never look back'

Song of the day: Closing Time - Semisonic

Last weekend in October and that means Halloween. I am still not sure what I am going to do for Halloween this year but I always leave it to last minute (literally!). October was nice: I got to travelled, my UCAS got sent, I received a job offer and most importantly it has been fun!

From November to March I should be hearing from my universities, but there are no news for now. I am going to be very busy this upcoming month because I have to get revising very hard to make sure I get the grades I need this January. I have five exams compared to thirteen I had last summer so I hope that will help... In November I am going to start working as a waiter in a cafĂ©, which should be fun and will be a good break from  revision and just general university worries!

Two weeks from sending my UCAS, I have received my Welcome Pack which made it all very real and I have two acknowledgements having heard nothing from all the other choices. Lately I have been quiet stressed about my future life plans because I have no idea of what I want to do and I think its all because I am not sure of what I can do. Ideally I would really like to study in the UK, but if I am not given the option then I will have to go and study in another country. I would not really mind having to study medicine  in my home country as I can go to the UK for the foundation years but all I've always wanted is to study medicine in UK and I have been to close to succeeding that now I am quiet angry at myself and I deeply regret not working as hard as  I should have. I hope I get a second chance this year and I get to prove that I can do it and get the grades as many people have just assumed that I am just not good enough to go to medical school simply because I missed my offer.

I also have a dog now, which is supposed to be good for stressed people! It is like a new hobbie for me as it is the first time I have  a dog and I actually really like. She cares a lot for me and she likes playing all the time so I now have things to do whenever I need to have a break...

Word AIDS Day is here soon and I am preparing a campaign around local schools, we will be going to about seven schools throughout the week which should be nice. We are getting together a dynamic talk about STDs and AIDS so that we actually have an impact on teenagers, something that is a bit difficult lately.   With the Red Cross I am also planning to go on a night out with  a breathalyser, to show people the effects of alcohol and just as  a bit of game to discourage drinking and driving. I have spoken to my local council about this and they will be able to provide us with sufficient funding to forward with this idea which should be fun for me and my volunteers as well as for the people that participates as we will have games and give out prizes throughout the night!

The Red Cross is keeping me busy most of the time and now I need to start organising everything carefully to make sure that I still do all the things I have to with the NGO while I also revise a lot to make sure I get the grades I need in the January exams.

The weekend has been random to be honest. Yesterday I went to a Wedding Planning event with my friends where they gave you ideas of what and where to have your wedding so it was us in the middle of a lot of couples planning their weddings and today I got to bake some carrot cake which turned out to be very nice!

I will keep you all updated on how everything goes and remember to stay focused on your goal and you will get there!


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