Saturday, 19 November 2011

'You don't know what you are missing!'

Song of the day: Shake it Out - Florence + The Machine

This is my first post in November, even though the plan was to do weekly posts every Saturday... I just have been too busy to blog and also its not like I had anything good to write about as lately I have been in a weird mood because I am just too stressed with my life in general.

More than a month ago now I submitted my UCAS application and even though two of my four chosen medical schools have already given out ( a lot of) interview invites I still have not heard. I was actually hopeful this year, which was why I applied but now I sooo regret not working as much as I should have (and could have) last year to get the grades that Birmingham asked me for!! I'm just way too angry at myself for this and right now I just cannot concentrate on my January exams because every time I try to revise I start to think how I should not even do retakes because chances are I won't get any offers.

I have been doing some research into Ireland and both TCD and UCD have told me that I have to do 4 subjects in the same sitting regardless of whether I resit or not which means that because I am only retaking 2 subjects this January I am not eligible to apply. I have also looked into Spanish universities and if I do well in the entrance exam I could get into a nice city one!

My gap year, on the other hand is just awesome! I have a part time job in a coffee shop which is a lot of fun and the costumers are very nice and also I continue with my position in the Red Cross which means that next week I get to go away for a weekend with all the members of the Regional committee. Also, I have the first aid and CPR exam next Thursday so I hope to hold the certificate soon!

 I will keep you all updated on everything!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Don't loose hope. There's still loads of time :).
    Which are the 2 medical schools that have given out alot of interviews already?>

  2. Don't worry, you'll get an interview soon!

    I know its disheartening having to do the resits, but you need to think how much you'll be kicking yourself if you don't work any harder than you did in the summer. Really go for it, this is such a brilliant chance to make up for the whole thing :) And I'm here to help with chemistry (if I can remember anything...) if you need it!

  3. The waiting is just the worst part really.

  4. Sorry for the late responses, but better late than never :)

    @lovepetal UEA, Lancaster and Liverpool have started giving out interviews which will run until March 2012 so I guess there is still time ahead.

    @twelve thanks for the support!! I know I really need to get working hard or I will always regret it.

    @grumpy biomed it really is, good thing is I am not getting nightmares like you are!