Saturday, 3 December 2011

'All I want for Christmas...

Song of the day: Not on the Guest List - Marcos Dos Santos

It seems like I am only posting once a month lately as my last blog post was back in November. This time last year, I was flying to Birmingham to have my first interview and later this month I was on two rejections! Good news is I have no rejections so far this year. 

However, the lack of knowing whether I am getting an interview or just a straight rejection is really not helping with  my revision. I know that all I need is one offer, that was what I got last year and I was never happier, but I just don't seem to get revising as much as I should do to make sure that if one day I hold an offer I can actually meet it. I know I should not repeat my mistake and I should learn from them like I've always done, but this done it is proving much difficult to forget about the waiting and just focus at what is coming in January time- EXAMS! 

I have spent most of my time volunteering and working in the cafĂ© lately. Word AIDS Day was a huge success, at least at a personal level, because giving those talks to 400 teenagers over three days and getting to hear their opinions on the topic and how the talk had help them understand what the disease is all about was just amazing. I just can't find a word that will describe that feeling and I guess it should be similar when as a doctor you make a difference on someone's life. 

I've met a lot of people lately, most of them studying in my home country which has led me to research universities in my country and looking at it objectively it turns out it's not actually that bad if I have to stay and study medicine here. The course structure is the thing I dislike the most as it is very preclinical then clinical so you don't get any patient contact until like third year but everything else seems fine and I can always go abroad for FY1 if I feel like it. 

Lately I have been feeling a bit down so I am getting a Macbook to make me happier :P 

All I actually want for Christmas if for everything to work out, I know that's actually a lot to ask but that's just what I want. 

Merry Christmas :) 

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