Friday, 6 January 2012

You have to face your fears...or they will never go away

Song of the day: Every Teardrop is a Waterfall  - Coldplay

So it's been 6 days since we started the new year and I have to say the first new I get are from a university are not that good. This morning I got a UCAS track email telling me something had changed. I knew it had to be a rejection because I've heard already from my 5th choice and it's too early for Southampton to give out decisions. By the time I was opening the website I knew it had to be from either Liverpool or Lancaster and deep inside I really wanted it to be from Liverpool not Lancaster because when I visited both universities in October Lancaster felt as the perfect place for me. 

However, just because at times things appear not to work out for me the rejection was from Lancaster. They believe my personal statement was not as competitive as it should have been to receive an interview. 

I really don't know what to think. At first I just over-reacted because I really liked the place then I thought that maybe Lancaster was just not right for me but the worst feeling was when this whole situation reminded me of last August when I found out I had missed out on my place at Bham med school just because I didn't get the grades they ask for. 

Thinking about Birmingham was actually a relieve to the whole rejection thing because I just liked Birmingham sooo much when I went there (reason why I went twice!), the medical school was perfect, the course seem really good, people were nice, city was awesome... for me it just does not have any neg points. However, I missed out on my place but I survived I got over it even though by August I had already met many people who now are studying there, I had chosen my accommodation...  so now why is it going to be so bad that Lancaster rejected me?! 

Last year I got two interviews and two rejections (then turned into three...) and I knew in October that I could end up with four rejections this year because my application is not as a strong as it was last year so why am I wasting my time feeling so down about the rejection now (I really don't know). 

I only need one offer and I have an interview in less than a week which I have to ace. If I do well in it then I could end up being a med student at UEA which is also awesome! but I have to stop thinking about how good it would be to go UEA just in case I don't get the offer... 

Also my exams are soon so I have to get revising and just do well in them as that was what let me down last year. 

At least I know that if March comes and I don't have  a place to study Medicine in the UK then I can always study Medicine in Spain, many people do say we have the best doctors :P, even though there are sooo many things I dislike about the course structure here but what counts is that at the end of it I will  be a DOCTOR, no matter where I go and when. 

I really hope my next post is a much happier one!



  1. Don't be too disheartened! Its not over for you yet, but I know it will relive bad memories. Stay positive, look on the bright side, and focus on doing well in your exams :)

    Good luck!

  2. First of all. Love that you are a Coldplay fan.
    Secondly, best of luck. I really hope you ace the UEA interview. I wish I'd done resits in my gap year instead of going to a different degree.

  3. Thank you guys! I will try to do as best as I can on my exams in two weeks. Right now that's my priority.

    1. Sorry about your rejection mate, hope the UEA interview is smashing for you.

    2. Or rather, "went smashing for you"...because you've had it by now!